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Services & Prices

Click on the button underneath the description of each type of appointment or click the Book Online button to view the list of services and prices and to book your appointment with me.


Free 15 minute Introduction

I offer a free 15 minute introduction online to explore how we can best work together and to answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation to commence treatment.


Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will be up to one and a half hours. I will ask about your current symptoms and what is bothering you most and how it affects your life. I will try and gain a clear picture of you as an individual and what it is like to be you, in your life at this time and through significant experiences throughout your life. I will ask you about your health history, your family medical history if known and any medications.


Hardcover Books

Follow up Consultations

We will discuss and book your follow up appointments during your consultations. We will choose an appropriate period of time to assess your progress, usually between 2 weeks to 8 weeks after your first consultation. Follow up consultations are usually an hour in length. We will discuss your progress and revisit your current symptoms and any changes that have occurred and will continue with follow up consultations for as long as you need it.


Reading a Book

Acute Consultations

We can book a 30 minute consultation if you have an injury or acute illness or something comes up between consultations that you would like to find a remedy for.


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