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Are my sleep issues acute or chronic?

What do we mean by these terms?

Acute conditions tend to be short-lived, with a defined start, middle and end. Usually, a part of everyday life and simple in causation like strains, sprains, fractures, cuts and bruising, colds and coughs, flu, infections, tummy upsets, etc. Acute conditions resolve on their own and we can usually heal from them with no medical intervention. Homeopathy strengthens and assists the body to address the symptoms, shortens the duration and alleviates the pain and suffering.

In terms of sleep disruption, an acute bout of sleeplessness may be because of an accident, injury, acute illness, or a mental/emotional shock or trauma, or a particular external factor and once whatever caused this has healed or resolved, sleep returns to its normal pattern. Using sound homeopathic principles and some basic knowledge and skills acute conditions can be treated successfully by the home prescriber.

Chronic diseases have complex causations that can lie in our family and medical history, caused, suppressed and worsened by allopathic medicines, our environment, be born out of trauma and unresolved mental/emotional experiences and reactions for example and can become the way any disruption or imbalance in our health or life is expressed. Chronic diseases progress in phases and there are latent periods between flare-ups where the conditions take broadly the same form with some new symptoms and this increases/worsens every few years.

When sleep difficulties are occurring regularly, over a prolonged period and/or are a symptom in a chronic disease picture they must be treated as a part of the whole to be resolved. Homeopathic remedies go to where they are most needed and that healing journey can resolve and address mental, emotional, physical and general imbalances, like sleep issues along the way and/or strengthen our entire constitution.

Homeopathy is prescribed differently from modern medicine/allopathy. We don't have generic remedies for conditions, every prescription is tailored to the individual and for the most part, remedies are not taken every day, like allopathy or herbal aids.

Some things to consider and reflect upon should you realise your sleeplessness is not an acute/isolated episode include when did it start and what was happening around this time? What is bothering you most at the moment (it may involve sleep it may not) what is that and how does it affect your life? What else is bothering you mentally, emotionally, physically and generally and how do you experience these symptoms, including your sleep issues? What is it like being you? What about your life experiences, family and medical history? What about medication? These are some of the questions a homeopath would ask you, in order to find a remedy that begins your journey back to health.

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