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About Me

I was introduced to homeopathy in my early 20s by a friend who said that I don’t know how it works but it just does! We were having breakfast at our usual café on the seafront and she was explaining homeopathy is natural and a holistic approach to health. She suddenly realised she wasn’t wearing sunglasses - 2 weeks into taking her remedy she no longer had the debilitating streaming eyes she experienced every day of her life whenever she stepped outdoors. This was good enough for me.


I was struggling with life and searching for my place in the world and based on her recommendation I started seeing a homeopath. Experiencing the serenity of her consulting room, with the wall of books bearing titles of gravitas, like Materia Medica, and the cabinet with hundreds of little brown bottles inside, all neatly labelled, containing tiny white balls that I came to know as remedies, somehow felt like a glimpse into my future world, and it was thrilling!


Although it was many years later that I started my homeopathic training, my healing and transformation and a passion for homeopathy had begun, and it was receiving homeopathic treatment again that inspired me to study. I had worked in Health and Social Care from aged 19 onwards as a practitioner, manager and trainer of services. After relocating to Manchester, I suffered persistent bouts of labyrinthitis. I found a local homeopath and the treatment quickly restored my balance in every way. The time was right and I began my training a few weeks later.

I studied Classical Homeopathy for 4 years at The North-West college of Homeopathy and am a Homeopathy International member. I regularly attend CPD events and forums and read, study, and keep updated. Each patient teaches me something new. Homeopathy is lifelong learning!

I love everything about being a homeopath. My best friend says it’s because I like detective novels! I love creating that hallowed space for someone to share their world and what it is to be them, noticing and analysing the clues the mind and body reveal about what has created dis-ease and what needs to be cured, and exploring all our wonderful remedies to find the best fit. Mostly, I like to help people. Homeopathy and the person receiving it do the rest.

I live a simple life and enjoy spending time with friends, reading, gardening, cooking, dancing, and singing to the radio; most weekends are spent at the allotment enjoying our beautiful kitchen garden.

I look forward to meeting you!


North West College of Homeopathy

4 Year Professional qualification in Homeopathy

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Sleep and Homeopathy

My special interest is in working with people with insomnia.

Many factors affect our sleep; for example, pain, anxiety, depression, lifestyle and menopause. Chronic insomnia can cause fatigue, mood disorder, poor brain performance, weight gain, low libido, low immunity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and a lowered life expectancy.

As a homeopath, I focus on the person, their individual symptoms and the causes and effects of insomnia on their mental, emotional and physical health. I work with homeopathy to gently stimulate their natural ability to heal and enjoy improved levels of health and wellbeing.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be used by everyone.


It is a safe, gentle and natural medicine that is effective and suitable for people, animals and even plants. Homeopathy was developed in the late 18th Century by Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor and is now used worldwide by over 200 million people.

Homeopathic treatment is holistic and individualised; treating the mental, emotional and physical symptoms particular to each person and stimulating their natural ability to re-balance and heal.

Homeopathic treatment aims to address the cause of the symptoms encouraging the issue to be fully resolved and providing lasting improvement in health.

Therefore, I will ask for a detailed health and family history and as much information as you can give about you, your life, significant experiences and what is bothering you at this time. All of which will be used to find the cause of your symptoms and the best homeopathic remedy for you. This can take several remedies over time, depending on your history and the complexity of your health and life situation, as we uncover the different layers and journey together towards your greater health and wellbeing.

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